About Us

About Us

 Since we started offering Vape service our mission was to help smokers to quit smoking and start vaping for a better, healthy life.


In 2001

We start as small electronic retail store we provide serves for cell phone and other electronic devices

In 2014

we start invading the vape market at this time we was from the first stores in Egypt who provide vape machines


In 2015

We started as the first store in Egypt to provide maintenance service for Vape devices.


In 2016

we lunch our main branch in Nasr city and we start to make offers and big sale to support smoker's to use vape


In 2017


    We lunch our website BADRY.Net and start shipping to everywhere in Egypt to help vape community to grow larger


  We open our branch in Maadi to reach more clients and make it easier to find vape products with the best price

Then we added more services such as technical support and great offers for Vape machines with special prices inorder to make it easier to start vaping with a minimum cost.


In 2018

  We opened new branches in Cairo and Hurghada to reach more customers and give more convenient services to our current clients.
we create out social media team to reach clients around Egypt with new ideas and great live show in Facebook to educate our vape community and reach to smoker's who is thinking about using vape and we succeeded to reach millions of Egyptian users .

In 2019

we start out cooperation with vape manufactures and we start visits to china and meet with vape manufacture company and we start many project's with them to help the Egyptian market to be larger and help the market to grow up and we are the first Egyptian company that’s authorize by the largest chines company and we are planning to start wholesales business with support by manufacture's in china to bullied a large strong vape market in Egypt and we doing great and we building a strong relation with all vape manufactures

In 2020

We have large plans for this year

#Opening new branches

Now we have 7 branches we plane to reach 12 branchs in Egypt  by the end of 2020

#whosales business to all the Middle East market


EGYPTIAN MARKET Deserved the best

Best products

Best services

Because we have the best clients

El Badry
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