Our Terms

  1. In 1928, the school joined the Medical school at Kasr El Eini& became one of its branches, studying takes 5 years; one of them is the preparatory which is taken at the Faculty of Sciences. Since then, the relation between the school & university started. Kasr El Eini school was considered one the branches of Fouad the First University (Cairo University now). In 1928
  2. In 1934, the school was moved to El Manial Hospital which in turn includes part of the external clinics together with a single lecturing room. In 1934
  3. In 1961, the faculty occupied the current building due to the considerable increase in the number of students both under & post-graduates which reached almost 10 times the number the faculty was designed for, the increase in the faculty departments up to 12 department in addition to the administrative departments arose the desperate need for new buildings in order to acquire this growth and to carry out the educational process especially that the faculty is a practical and theoretical one that needs clinics and laboratories as well as acting as a hospital and provides medical services for the public. In 1961
  4. In 1980, beginning of construction of the new Pedodontic building next to the faculty building In 1980
  5. In 1991, renewal of the library, administration and faculty board and they were opened after providing the library with the latest books and references in order to maximize the profit for the students, researchers and staff members. In 1991
  6. In 1992, the units and equipments of the Prosthodontics department were renewed and the department was opened for practice starting from the educational year 1992/1993. Work started in the foundation of the new faculty’s extension. In 1992
  7. In 1993, certain special units were added including those of treatment with fees, others for education and other units are under Construction. In 1993
  8. In 1998, renewal of the laboratories of the Crown and Bridge & Operative. Also, due to the increasing number of students and to improve the educational process, small classes and 2 laboratories were constructed in the Pedodontics building.
    Another class was built as an extension for the X-ray department which is considered one of a kind in the Middle East being equipped with the latest electrical demonstrative facilities for the X-ray films. In addition, it is used for lectures and thesis discussion. In 1998
  9. In 1999, a new class was founded as an extension for the Oral Surgery department. It was used as conference rooms were discussion of thesis and various surgical procedures are held In 1999
  10. In 2000, Prof. Said Fahim’s class was renewed & became suitable for thesis discussion, post graduate lectures, receiving foreign lecturing professors and as a conference room.
    Some of the old dental units were replaced by new ones in the Operative, Crown and Oral Medicine departments. In addition, X-ray machines in X-ray department were also renewed. In 2000
  11. In 2004, Crown & Bridge and Operative practical laboratories were renewed and fully equipped. Completion of the Educational Dental Medical hospital building as an extension for the faculty. It was fully equipped with the most recent technology in dental medicine where several operations take place. The buildings include high standard operating rooms, rooms and suites for the patients as well as enough room for pre and post graduate students. In 2004
  12. In 2005, the main classes (85 & 135) were completely renewed and equipped with the latest educational and demonstrative facilities which enriched the students learning process. In 2005